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17th Jul 2015
Client Area Updated

We have just updated the client area.? Any questions please feel free to contact us.

17th Jul 2015
Migration Notice

In line with our continuous efforts to provide the best service possible, we will be performing a migration of the following server to a new server which features more powerful hardware. The migration for the server will be performed on the date listed below. Mon 8/27 - useast3 Tue 8/28 - useast19 Thu 8/30 - useast10 The migration will ... Read More »

2nd Aug 2012
Out Of The Office

I will be out of the office this weekend. ?I will be leaving Saturday, May 12th at noon EST and will be returning to the office on Monday, May 14th for normal office hours. ?During this time if you need anything please make sure to send in a support ticket. ?Otherwise, I will not respond until Monday morning.

9th May 2012
Cloud Hosting

For those of you on cloud hosting there is going to be a migration to a new cloud cluster so that we can continue to provide you the best hardware and service you have come to expect. ?The migration for uscloud3 will begin on May 19th at 12:01 AM EST. ?The migration for uscloud4 will begin on May 20th at 12:01 AM EST. ?The length of this migration ... Read More »

9th May 2012
Forum Is Moving

The forum information will now start to be placed in the Support Area under Knowledgebase. ?If you are looking for an article on the forum and it is not there please check the Knowledgebase area.

12th Jul 2011
New List Of Banned IP's

Please go to the knowledgebase area and check the current listing of banned IP addresses. ?If you need help with this please contact us so that we can better assist you.

13th Apr 2011
New Banned IP List

There is a new list of banned IP addresses.? These are known hackers and/or suspicious IP's.

8th Apr 2011
New Banned IP List Added

Please check the knowledge base as there is a list of new banned IP's listed.

30th Mar 2011
Sites Scheduled For Suspension

There are sites scheduled for suspension on Sunday, November 1st.  Please make sure your account is up to date. 

It is scheduled to go down at midnight EST.

31st Oct 2009

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